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WEINSTEIN'S, New Orleans, LA
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Exterior View from Mall
Photo by Alan Karchmer
Interior "street"
Photo by Alan Karchmer
Interior "street"
Photo by Alan Karchmer

Honor Award in Architecture,
New Orleans Chapter AIA, 1985.
Honor Award in Architecture, Louisiana Architects Assn.., 1984.

Light Touches. Visual Merchandising & Store Design, May 1986, pp 78-81, 111.
Weinstein's Clothing Store. Stores of the Year, 1985.
Lights Fantastic. DNR The Magazine, September 1985.
The American Directory of Architects, South/Southeast Edition, Pinkhaus Pub., Miami, FL.,pp.40-41.

Project Profile:
Originally in the Vieux Carre', Weinstein's is a successful retail business offering high fashion apparel and gifts of distinctive design for men and women. The new store occupies prime space in Canal Place, an urban shopping mall on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans.

E. Eean McNaughton Architects were encouraged to design a unique architectural environment complementing the excellent design quality of the merchandise available in the store. The client's need for distinctive identity provided the inspiration for a design concept of ?shops along an indoor 'street'. Each 'shop' along the 'street' was provided with its own architectural identity to heighten the experience of shopping.

Architectural forms are fancifully inspired, intentionally avoiding recognizable style; except for gestures of admiration to the work of the 19th century architect, Frank Furness, and compliments to the Art Deco movement of the early twentieth century. E. Eean McNaughton Architects designed all of the casework using cherry wood veneer and glass.

Cost: $520,000

Completed: 1984