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Photo by Eugenia Uhl
Photo by Eean McNaughton
Photo by Eean McNaughton
Photo by Eugenia Uhl

Project Profile:
The site, approximately one-acre in size, is typical of southeast Louisiana with cypress, maple, and hackberry trees. The rhomboid shape and the existing trees were the major site related design constraints.

The design is for a single story residence for a family with three young daughters. Frequent dinners and informal visits by many relatives set the requirements for large dining areas and conversation spaces. Mr. Uhl, a concrete supplier, hoped to use concrete as an architectural material. Mrs. Uhl wished for the kitchen to be used as a social space to be with friends and relatives while preparing meals. She also wanted to informally dine in the kitchen. The Uhls appreciate and enjoy the contrast between rich materials and pure geometric shapes. Preservation of the trees was important and children play yard separate from the more formally landscaped portion of the site was desired.

The four-bedroom residence is sited to preserve existing trees and interior spaces are arranged to take advantage to the landscaped views. The atrium patio provides filtered light in the interior living spaces. The bedroom corridor is also naturally lit with skylights. Sliding glass doors provide the opportunity for cross ventilation. Glass walls are protected from the sunlight by deep overhangs except on the north elevation where glass is flush with the exterior wall. In addition, trees also shade glass walls except at the west wood deck where a wood trellis provides shade. The residence is closed and private from the street.

Concrete columns support wood frame construction with cement plaster exterior finish. Interior walls are gypsum board. Ceilings are board on board western red cedar. Floors are handmade clay tile in living areas and carpet in sleeping areas.

Owner: Mr. & Mrs. John Uhl

Area: 4,228 S.F.

Firm Responsibilities:
Prime A/E services

Cost: $125,000

Completed: 1973