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Main Entrance
Photo by Alan Karchmer
Restored French Market Entrance
Photo by Alan Karchmer
French Market Entrance Before Restoration
Photo by Eean McNaughton
Second Floor Lobby
Photo by Alan Karchmer
Interior Before Restoration
Photo by Eean McNaughton

First Floor Lobby
Photo by Alan Karchmer

Honor Award in Architecture Gulf States Region AIA, 1981.
Certificate of Merit  Vieux Carre' Commission, 1979

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Project Profile:
The Old United States Mint was donated to the State of Louisiana in 1976 by the Federal Government for adaptive-use as a Museum and Historic Center. Eean McNaughton and his firm led the Joint Venture team in the planning and restoration of this National Landmark.

The building was in extremely deteriorated condition and had been extensively altered. Exhaustive archival research and a thorough examination of the existing building fabric was included in the planning effort. The rich history of the building, and its varied use, guided the restoration toward emphasizing significant periods of its history. Because of the extensive renovation in the early 1850's, when new technically advanced structural systems were introduced, this period was identified as the restoration period to be emphasized.

The adaptive-use of the building, completed in 1980, included introduction of modern systems for visitor comfort, safety and for the protection of the collections, archives and exhibits. The central monumental stair has been restored and the space is bright with natural light, as it was originally.

The site design maintains the monumental formal entrance from Esplanade Avenue. A public entrance from the Vieux Carre' and Farmers' Market was created, incorporating landscaped courtyards and the remnants of the historic smoke stack foundations.

Cost: $3.1 M

Completed: 1980