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Photo by Eean McNaughton

Living Room with Dining in Foreground
Photo by Eean McNaughton

Living Room
Photo by Eean McNaughton

Carport Detail
Photo by Eean McNaughton

Rendering by Eean McNaughton

Project Profile:
The model for this house is of course the typical New Orleans double shotgun with a demising wall down the center. The home has no hall. Separation of spaces is accomplished with folding wood doors, the exception being the two half-cylinder Bathroom walls adjacent to the Bedrooms at either end of the house. Light enters from two large sliding glass doors, operable glass jalousie windows in the bedrooms and the skylight down the center of the house covered on the outside with glass cullets from molten Milk of Magnesium bottles set in liquid acrylic. Light enters the bathrooms through a translucent ceiling. Clamshells are dashed into white portland cement plaster applied to the concrete block demising wall. The walls separating the bathrooms are 2” solid plaster with sand finish contrasting with the rough texture of the clam shells. The Christmas tree is hung from a large oak branch, a casualty of Hurricane Betsy.

The exterior finish is the same as the interior demising wall; clam shells in white portland cement. The steel pipe frame carport is supported on a steel beam cantilevered from the main structure of the house.

Owner: E. Eean & Joan McNaughton

Firm Responsibilities:
Prime A/E services, Custom furnishings

Completed: 1960