Quadrangle Side
North Elevation
North Elevation Detail
Drop Off
Bookter Street - South Elevation
Weight Room
Weight Room
Covered Walk / Pavilion
New Covered Walk / Pavilion

Project Profile:
St. Stanislaus College, founded in 1854, provides students with a "complete education in an environment of academic excellence and with opportunities for participation in a wide program of extracurricular and sports activities."

Looking to the future, McNaughton Architects was commissioned to develop a Long Range Architectural Master Plan to improve the functional and aesthetic character of the campus. The plan provides a comprehensive strategic plan for the placement and design of new buildings. The planning document includes functional architectural programming for new buildings, and modifications to existing buildings.

The New Fitness Center / Pavillion / Covered walks is the first phase of development for St. Stanislaus. It provides a new gymnasium, weight room, health classrooms, offices, and locker rooms.

St. Stanislaus College Preparatory

Firm Responsibilities:
Master Planning; Facilities programming; Prime A/E Services

Estimated Cost: $2,500,000

Completion: 2003